Nintendo’s Next Gen Console Info Plus How You Can Win A Free Nintendo Switch


Before we talk about how to get a free Nintendo Switch, let’s discuss the next-gen system a bit.

On October 20th, 2016, Nintendo finally exposed details related to their next-gen console code named the NX. While not a ton of information was exposed, the world was introduced to the name and a teaser video explaining the new console. By now we understand the name of the new console is called the Nintendo Switch, and while we do not have an exact release date, we are hearing it will be available for purchase in March of 2017. Sadly information like the hardware specs have been restricted along with the actual list price. Below is exactly what we know thus far.

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console meaning it can be used in the home like we are used to with most entertainment systems but can also be taken on the go for portability. From the trailer Nintendo launched presenting us to the Switch, we can see that the gamer has their Switch docked to a system connected to a television. Later on, the user gets up, grabs the Switch from the dock, slides in the Joy-Con controllers into the unit and is able to continue playing the same game on the go. This is the biggest selling point for this brand-new console. While Nintendo attempted to present us to mobility in the Wii U controller, it was met disappointment. Nintendo has clearly learned from its past mistakes when designing the Switch as this new console looks to be pretty cool for home and mobile gaming.

When it concerns the portable console display, the Nintendo Switch has a 7 inch screen. This screen is a small increase when compared with that of the Wii U controller’s screen. The screen also does not appear to have any kind of touch screen functionality from exactly what we have seen in the trailer. Nothing has actually be pointed out about this far so we might extremely well be wrong up until extra information is launched. In regards to graphics, we do know that NVIDIA is the business Nintendo decided to go with for the Nintendo Switch.

In terms of video games, not a whole lot is known thus far except that Nintendo currently has 48 publishers on board to create material for the Nintendo Switch. Business such as EA, Bethesda, Activision, Sega, Konami and Capcom have actually validated to be on that list. From the intro video we did see a few video games consisting of Zelda, Mario Kart, Skyrim, and what appears to be an NBA 2K and a brand-new Mario game. Again, I believe Nintendo learned from the mistakes of the Wii U that without publishers being on board, the console is destined stop working. With the lineup of publishers creating content for this brand-new console, it stands an excellent shot for being a success.

The Nintendo Switch may appear to be taking a step back in time when it comes to the media they chose for this new console. All the present generation consoles today have made the move to optical media such as DVD and Blu-ray. Nintendo is going back to a cartridge type of system with the Switch. Don’t get this puzzled with the cartridges of the NES or N64 though, these are high-end cartridges that can save upwards of 32 GB of data. With that much storage on what is possibly flash based media, I have a feeling the Nintendo Switch will not be sacrificing anything and might in fact get improved load times. This will also help keep the battery life longer when using the Nintendo Switch as a portable device due to the absence of a spinning disk.

The Nintendo Switch will enable multiplayer gaming when docked in addition to while on the go. Taking a look at the Joy-Con remotes, two individuals can each have one of the sides of the remotes to play multiplayer games. It likewise appears that if you have numerous Switch consoles, that they can sync to one another for a minimum of 4 player video gaming. This is shown throughout the intro video when the users are playing a basketball game with two consoles near one another.

While Nintendo has been a bit deceptive on the details of the brand-new Switch console, they did state that the details would be launched prior to the March 2017 release. We are wanting to know more in January of 2017, but all of it depends on Nintendo to release more information.

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