Japan’s 3DS Ambassador Games Include Metroid, Zelda 2 Update.

Nintendo on Thursday unveiled the new console it plans to release next year: the Switch. Previously described as the NX, the Switch is a radical new design that can be used for both at-home and mobile gameplay.

That the games available for the Wii U are so stunning is a big credit to the software application designers at Nintendo and its 2nd-party partners, as great art instructions makes for a much prettier game than merely having more stuff for the GPU to render. Zelda BoTW on Wii U will just play at 720p with no anti-aliasing, and it’s most likely the most gorgeous looking game I have actually ever seen.

Rumors that the Switch would serve as a combined house and portable console started long before the console was unveiled. A January 2014 post on Nintendo News, which shared a confidential tip with specifications for the Nintendo Combination.” In July, 2016, Eurogamer reported it had verified rumors that the console would be a a effective free Nintendo Switch contest” handheld powered by Nvidia’s Tegra with its own screen flanked by 2 detachable controllers, which it would support digital downloads and proprietary cartridges. Up until now, the majority of that report precisely shows what Nintendo has revealed about the console so far.

Right from the gate, Nintendo is already trying to signify that the Switch will be really different. Nintendo announced a big list of 48 designers, publishers, and studios that will support the Switch, consisting of big names like Activision (publishers of the big Call of Duty series) and Bethesda (designers of the Senior Scrolls series). In contrast, the list for the Wii U included just 21 business.

Reports that the game would release on both consoles began flowing after Nintendo revealed it would postpone Breath of the Wild for Wii U, dropping the game from its planned 2016 software lineup. Nintendo did the exact same thing with Twilight Princess, which was delayed from its organized 2005 release to introduce along with the initial Wii in 2006.

Think about it as a vicious circle: A console launches without very many video games, so people decide not to purchase it. Seeing that few individuals are buying it, publishers and designers decide the console isn’t worth their time, so they make fewer video games. Individuals therefore have even less of an incentive to buy the console– and the spiral downward continues.Nintendo Switch,Nintendo Switch Specs,Nintendo Switch Price,Nintendo Switch vs Playstation 4


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