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About Us

Thank you for checking out our WordPress site.  We are a group of avid video game lovers who have been playing games since the days of the Atari!

We have been fans of Nintendo ever since the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System back in the early 80’s.  I can still remember that 8-bit plumber running around from castle to castle trying to save the princess only to be told by that little toadstool that she was in another castle.

Ah the good old days of side scrolling games are long behind us…I mean ever since the Nintendo 64, we have been able to explore three dimensional worlds which have only grown larger and larger over the years. I mean look at how Grand Theft Auto has done things over time.  With San Andreas, the world was huge, and when GTA V launched it was even bigger!

While Nintendo is currently ramping up on it’s latest next gen system, the Nintendo Switch, which is what we will be covering mostly on this site; they have also gone back to their roots with the NES classic launching this year in time for the holiday season.  This should be a big seller for Nintendo as it comes with some of the best games the NES had built in, and the option to purchase more games.

If you are interested in Nintendo Switch news, including when it will be released, the cost and how you could potentially win a free Nintendo switch, please be sure to like our blog for updates.